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Posted 9.2.16 - 10:05AM

Hi everyone, sometimes bands put out a video when their record comes out. We decided it's way more awesome to do it about one year later. (Getting about 50-60 emails a day asking where it is just happens to put that kind of fire under your ass! ;) It's premiering right now exclusively over at Not only that, but a deluxe digital version of Passed & Presence is now available, featuring two new unreleased songs and two acoustic tracks. Let us know what you think!

This is the link:

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Solo Acoustic Show - Sat. June 18th - San Jose CA

Posted 6.5.16 - 9:04PM

Excited to announce an upcoming show with Culprit and Hidden Hospitals in San Jose @ Back Bar SoFA. Couldn't do the whole band, so Jon's doing a solo acoustic show, which is a super rare occurence. He goes on second with a short set, so come on out early.

Show info here.

More cool news soon so check back.

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SHOW CANCELLED: Dec. 18th @ The Blue Lagoon in Santa Cruz, CA.

Posted 12.4.15 - 1:05PM

Unfortunately, we need to cancel our upcoming show at The Blue Lagoon in Santa Cruz, CA Dec. 18th. We are not sure when a next show will be scheduled but we will keep you posted. Thanks.

Southern California Shows - Fall 2015

Posted 10.27.15 - 9:27AM

Hi Everyone,

We have a few shows coming up. The food in our home town just isn't so great, so we're going to head down to Southern CA and eat and drink a bunch of stuff, and while we're down there, we were thinking that we should play music for about 45 min. or so per city with our friends in The Night Of The Gun: San Diego on Fri. 11/13 Til-Two Club and Los Angeles Sat.11/14 The Redwood Bar. We haven't been down since 2002 so yeah, come hang out if you can. Thanks!

Join the Facebook events or check out more details here:


Our New Album is Now Available!

Posted 7.21.15 - 7:14AM

Yes, it's absolutely true. Our new album is out now.

CDs are available for order on the Type-A Redords website here. We have a limited number of signed copies available for those that order early.

You can also pick up a physical copy over at Cardigan Records (where they also have a limited number of signed copies) and CD Baby.

It's available for digital download on iTunes and all of your favorite music services.


New Album Streaming in Top to Bottom over at

Posted 7.15.15 - 9:56PM

Please take a listen if you feel so inclined: Click Here

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Passed & Presence Release Date and Preorders on Cardigan/Type-A Records.

Posted 6.25.15 - 7:09AM

We’re very excited to announce we’ve signed with North Carolina’s Cardigan Records who will be releasing our brand new album, Passed & Presence! The limited-edition physical CD is a co-release with Type-A Records, and we’ll also be releasing it on good ol' cassette tape via Better Days Will Haunt You. Pre-orders start today for CD/Digital on the Cardigan Website, and CD on the Type-A website. Pre-orders via iTunes are set to launch 6/29, and the official release date is 7/21. We know there have been a few false starts and we by no means intended to keep dangling the carrot in front of you, (sorry!) but we can definitively say the record will be officially out “For Real this Time”. To say we appreciate your patience is an understatement. We’re super excited to get it out there and will be revealing additional details soon.

Here are the links you need:

Type-A Records (CD Pre-orders)
Cardigan Records (Digital & CD Pre-orders)
Better Days Will Haunt You (Cassette Pre-orders/Orders Coming Soon!)

Track Listing:

1. Through the Cage
2. Applelike
3. Weight of the Water
4. Sheep Shaped Words
5. Blame the Valley
6. ‪#‎sixzeros‬
7. Skin and Bones
8. Hey, You Dropped Something
9. I'm Not Done With You



New Album will be available to order June 23rd 2015.

Posted 6.3.15 - 6:38PM

We'll give you the full skinny on title, format, where to buy, track listing and all that good stuff soon. Check back.