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Update on new material and the line-up.

Posted 12.27.13 - 4:14PM

Hi Everyone,

Sorry for the delay and lack of updates. We had to put practicing, shows and finishing writing for the new record on hold for longer than we would have liked. But now we're back on it full-force. It didn't happen in 2012 or 2013 - but I'm telling you, 2014 is going to be the year for the new record.

Not only will it be a new record, but we also have Derek our original Guitarist and Kem our original drummer drummer back into the fold. Yep, you heard that right. It's going to take some extra time to flesh everything out and get everyone up to speed, but it feels good and we are trying to get together as much as we can. Hang in there and it'll be worth it.

Still no shows scheduled, but if something comes up we might take a stab at it.

Thanks and we'll keep you updated.

Check out our "Through the Cage" (Demo 2013). First new song we've recorded since 2005!

Posted 8.21.13 - 2:46PM

Please check it out here:

Download Gentlemen of Japan's "Versus Utah" for free at

Posted 7.11.13 - 12:08PM

Did you ever check out Gentlemen of Japan featuring several members of Time Spent Driving? If not, we're now giving it away Free (aka Name your price) over at Bandcamp. Go grab a copy, you'll like it. (Digital Only of course...). Let us know what you think.

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New Record in the Works for 2013.

Posted 2.18.13 - 5:34PM

We're still in the process of writing a new record which we hope to have released sometime in 2013. We've got about 8 songs roughed out and will start working on plans to go into the studio once we have about 10 or so.

In the meantime, we don't plan on playing many shows, but keep an eye out in case something comes up at all.

Last Show of 2012 - Sat. Dec. 29th at the Crepe Place in Santa Cruz.

Posted 12.6.12 - 12:06PM

We're playing our last show of the year with Happy Body Slow Brain and Taxes (ex-Crumb from San Francisco). All ages, $10, 8pm, full bar. Bring some friends and bundle up a bit. See you then!

Writing New Material.

Posted 10.8.12 - 8:28PM

We've been playing some shows and now we're going to take a few months off to write some new material and will hopefully be going into the studio in early 2013. Thanks for looking out, and we'll let you know the word.

Show this Friday Oct. 5th at The Crepe Place in Santa Cruz!

Posted 10.1.12 - 6:46PM

Friday, October 5, 2012 at 9:00pm. All ages. Full Bar. $10
If all goes as planned, this will be our last show for a while why we attempt to finish writing new material for a new release. See you there.

New Shows & New Shirts.

Posted 8.22.12 - 6:56PM

We've got two shows coming up this week: Thursday 8/23 at The Catalyst in Santa Cruz, CA w/ Three Mile Pilot and this Saturday 8/25 at Jose's Underground Lounge in Monterey, CA w/ Concave. Come on out.

We've also got some new t-shirts available in our merch store.