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New band featuring members of Time Spent Driving
As most of you know, Time Spent Driving broke up quite a while ago, but we still get people asking that don't know, so that's that. (Don't worry, you can still buy our merch)

Good new is there's a new band that features Jon (vocals/guitar) & Kem (drums) of tsd, and Pete (vocals/guitar) from Cutlass Supreme called Gentlemen of Japan. The band also features the bastard love child of Donahue and John Lennon on bass. You can keep tabs at the following: Official Website
Gentlemen of Japn on Myspace
Gentlemen of Japan on Twitter
Gentlemen of Japan on Facebook

See you soon.


Our music is now on Pandora Radio - In case you aren't aware of what that is, it's an online radio station that allows you to pick a band/artist you like, and it automatically plays bands that are similar that you'd probably like. Very cool - go try it out.

And in other, almost as important news.... er... GO VOTE TODAY.


Hi all, we just wanted to drop a quick line to say thank you for all the orders of the fairly new and final Time Spent Driving release "I'm Your Stab in the Back." We're still selling a bunch of them, so thanks for buying it! If you haven't picked one up yet, it's now available in our merch section, iTunes, CD Baby, Interpunk and more.

I'M YOUR STAB IN THE BACK is now officially out! It will be trickling into stores, but it is available in our MERCH SECTION (The best way to get it), INTERPUNK and soon it will be on iTunes.

NEW! >> You can now also purchase a DIGITAL DOWNLOAD of any of our music straight from our site. CLICK HERE

The new I'M YOUR STAB IN THE BACK CDs are finally in! Thank you for all the preorders! They are shipping this week.


- which is coming out on Lorelei Records.

That's right. We'll have those CDs in our hot little hand within a week, and if you want to get one as soon as they come in, then you can PREORDER the CD now EXCLUSIVELY from us. We'll be shipping them out as soon as possible for you.

It won't be available online or in stores or anything for at least a month or so (hey, what do I know - could be longer.)

$13.00 - Includes shipping and handling



Crazy. This is the same exact time I updated the news last time: 12:14PM. We are wrapping up the final proofing for the STAB art. I'm shipping that sucka off within a week to get pressed.

In other news, "Just Enough Bright" is now available at iTunes and CD Baby:



and of course, you can still purchase through our MERCH PAGE

That's it for now. More soon.


I updated the flash audio player on this page with the final mastered versions of the mixes for the upcoming "I'm Your Stab in the Back." Enjoy.


I am happy to say that I am sitting here in the studio as I type this just finishing up the last of the mixing and mastering of "I'm Your Stab in the Back." It's been a long time in the making, but it SOUNDS REALLY GOOD! So hopefully it was worth the wait for those of you that are into it.

Here's the finalized track listing, I added a few things since the last update:

Brand New Unreleased Songs:

1) Brown/Blue
2) Throwing Stones
3) Except the Grey
4) Special Thanks
5) Last Times are Golden
6) The Number Four
7) Fear of Flying

Bonus Songs: Previously Unreleased, Hard to find, Live and Demo Recordings:

8) Thin Like Paper (Original Version)
9) Lowlight
10) Europa (Unreleased Demo)
11) Plastic Crown (Acoustic)
12) Dear Shannon (Acoustic)
13) Flicker (Demo)
14) Sleep and Matchbooks (Demo)
15) Balance (Demo)
16) Your Arms the Blades (Demo)
17) Patterson Pass (Demo)
18) Last November (Live)

Aww yeah. That's it. It's done and this mutha is going to be out soon. I am finishing up the artwork and liner notes asap and then it's off to the pressing plant. I'll be setting up a way for you to make pre-orders soon, so check back.

Ok, I'm lagging - but I have some good news. Kem and I will be going up to Trakworks in S. San Francisco to finish up some mixes and get this new release mastered and finished once and for all. We will be all done with it sometime next week and then we are going to put this sucka out.

I'll keep you posted and thanks for your patience.



Hi, news is fun, do you like it too? Well, I'm slow, like a sloth - and I'm climbing up a tree in the jungle, and on the way, I need to finish the CD artwork for "I'm Your Stab in the Back," master the songs for the cd, get the damn things manufactured, finish this website and probably some other stuff I am forgetting about.

I have made a little progress though, and I've gotten a lot of feedback from those of you that like how our music hit your eardrums. First, I re-enlisted the MERCH PAGE - you can buy some t-shirts and CDs while they last, and I'm including stickers and posters free with every order. You can order via PAYPAL with your paypal account or you can also use a regular credit card. I also updated the shows page so you can see when we played in your town and you didn't come, then you emailed me a month later to see when we are coming. Ahhh, the memories. Oh, just so you know I'm not lying, I put a few new songs from the upcoming CD in the MP3 Flash player on this here page. Keep in mind they are not mastered yet. Enjoy.

Last but certainly not least, my dear friend and the producer/engineer of "Just Enough Bright," J ROBBINS could use your help. He and his wife Janet's new son Cal, not even a year old has been diagnosed with with a genetic motor neuron disease called Type 1 SMA, or Spinal Muscular Atrophy. Please visit this page on the Desoto Records site to get more info and see if you can help. You can also read more about it at



Hi, apparently we update the news every 13 months or so, we change the site design about once every 5 years, and we put out a new CD after we break up just for fun. Yep, we have a new release coming out on Lorelei Records. They're a little dirty over there, but some of them smell like a nice warm omelet, so it makes up for it. Anyhow, we broke up a long time ago, then we got back together for a little while and started doing some demos for a new record, but then we broke up again. So, what we had left was some unfinished demos. I finally got around to getting into the studio and finishing those suckas up. What we have to show is 7 brand new songs that coulda used a little extra love, but instead we just spooned for a while - but you'd rather have something than nothing, right? So, those songs are going to come out on a new CD called I'm Your Stab in the Back. The artwork is going to look kinda like that square box to your right - we're working on finishing that up. That's not it though, since I am going through the trouble of doing all this, I'm going to throw everything else even slightly worth having on there while I am at it. Yep. That means comp songs, a few demo versions of songs, some unreleased stuff and maybe a live song or something. Here's a tentative listing for you in no particular order:

New Songs:
Last Times are Golden
Except the Grey
Special Thanks
Throwing Stones
Fear of Flying
The Number Four

Other Stuff:
Europa (Unreleased Demo)
Thin Like Paper (Demo/7")
Plastic Crown (Acoustic)
Dear Shannon (Acoustic)
Last November (Live)
Balance (Demo)
Your Arms the Blades (Demo)
Patterson Pass (Demo)

I think that is it....

If you would like to listen to a few of those new songs, I am most likely going to put some of the songs for your listening pleasure in that little flash player to your right. I guess you will have to check back for that huh?


P.S. I am actually going to finish the site in the near future too - and we are going to sell some stuff if you want it. Check back.

1:09 AM

Welcome to the new temp site. No more looking at that old pile of junk. Check back once in a while if you can, I know you might have to type up to 15 letters or so to get here, but i think you could probably pull it together. As incentive, you will find two new rough demo mixes embedded in that playa' you see down below, nestled among some old faves. One starts with an "f" and the other starts with an "s." Oh yeah, they sound way lower than the others, cause they ain't mastered yo. Enjoy. and get some sleep. (now i'm talking to myself) More to come.


12:23 AM

Wow. how time flies when your doing nothing. Nothing in the way of band productiveness that is. At least, most of the time. I've been so busy building websites that my 5 guitars pretty much just lay dormant against the silent living room walls.

Wait, that's right, we actually finally mixed a few songs off this demo thingy you've been reading about, everyday, when you come by and take a look for an update. ;)

So yes, like I was saying, this demo, it has a song called "Special Thanks," and a song called "Fear of Flying." Those two are mixed.. and if i remember to have the songs and my computer with me simultaneously, i might put one up for you to listen. In fact, maybe you should tell us that you might want to hear it.

We started mixing "Throwing Stones" and then Joe's computer crashed. We also have some other songs coming up... One we call the "Heavy Metal Song," and a classic-tinged "Except the Grey." And that's about it, except for the new song, which its been so long that i can't remember whether it ever had a title, but it says stuff like "I;m letting go, I'm letting go. Like I should have done four years ago. Been cradling this little knife, making sure the blade's all shine." You know what, this is kinda of cheesy, but why don't you send us and email with a song name that you come up with, and we will give you a free t-shirt if we pick and use your title. Contest ends Sept. 1st.

Hmmm, what else can i say about not having Drock as a guitar player anymore. Wait. What did I say? Wow, I guess drock is no longer in the band, that was shocking. Yeah, so we are still going to go fishing together in illegal ponds, after work and on weekends. But he likes picking up weights better than picking on guitars. If only drock had those guns back in the, cough, highlight of our career. Who knows what would have happened. So yeah, he is selling the Zinky amp (yeah we've never heard of one before either) R.I.P. Zinky, R.I.P.

So, i guess maybe we need a guitar player. So if you're old, have a beer belly, and a receding hairline, drop us a line and tell us why you would like to torture yourself. Oh yeah, if you can learn a couple of my signature "claw" techniques, that might be a good thing as well.

One thing I forgot to tell you, is that we fixed our guestbook. It was once safehouse for your encouraging thoughts, but more recently, a magnet for TONS of spam. It shouldn't happen anymore. It's fixed. And i deleted the 400+ spam emails out of there too.

In closing, the concept of "ahead" and "behind" in musical terms, creates a really confusing image in my head.

Good Night.


Update on the demo, All my guitar tracks are done except a few little acoustic things here and there. D-rock's got some more tracks to do still... but all the basics are done with everything else. On to the vocals. Oh yeah, we might play a show soon.


So, believe it or not, it's true, we are actually doing something other than practicing once a month: we are recording a demo. We are at the Compound Recording Studio ( in the beautiful Santa Cruz Mountains. I just finished a cup of nice press pot coffee... and Kem finished up his drum tracks about an hour or so ago. Jesse just started recording bass on his first Time Spent Driving recording ever. Exciting huh? Ends up we are doing 7 songs total, one of which we just learned last practice, oh yeah, and D-rock hates it... wait, he hates most of them. No matter... he can work out his hatred at the gym.

Maybe I'll post some more updates soon.



The merch store was acting a little funky, so we fixed it a bit. It'll be even more fixed soon.

We're going to record a new demo in May. Wish us luck.

Talk to you soon.


Hey folks... Thanks for checking the site out, sorry for the lack of updates, but you know how it goes.

So check this out, after about two years of inactivity, we're starting up the ol' motor again. If it still runs, we're going to try to take her out on a sunday drive here and there, maybe even make our way to a recording studio to lay down tracks for a second full length. Oh yeah, I guess we are going to have to find someone to put that sucka out too, should be a fun fun task as usual. We're currently doing some tune-ups as time permits, and adding a few new parts. Speaking of, we'd like to welcome our new bass player, his name is Jesse and he plays our songs better than we do. Check out his other fine band if you like. Now D-rock's outnumbered 3 to 1 by Italians. That's right.

We have a new site on the way as well, though I'm not making any promises on how quick that baby will be up.

Beyond that fun stuff, just want to say thanks for all the orders over our inactivity via our little store. Want to let you know that we are currently out of stock of the Emo Diaries Comp, if you really want it you can go get it from Deep Elm Records. Also, the shirt designs available from us are quickly going the way of the dinosaurs, so if ya want one, ya better get it while you still can.

Thanks and talk to you more soon, if you want to join our email list (which we'll be dusting off shorty) - click here.

We finally put up a new and improved guestbook/forum/whatever-else-you-want-it-to-be thing that doesn't suck > click here.

We have some other new things too, just saying.

Everyone else is doing it... why can't we? >

AIM: timespentdriving

Something may happen soon. I don't know what, but you should still come to the site here and there just in case.



There's a new Santa Cruz Music site i found out about. Check it out if you want:

The free emo diaries cd with any order from our store is over. We ran out! Thanks for all the orders.

Got the new Descendents record in the mail today.
You should get it.
Life is good.

Sorry. Site was down for a few days due to oh-so-fun domain registration renewal. I know you were going through crazy withdrawls without it, but hey!

I just finished building two new websites, and they just happen to belong to two solo tsd alumni. Check out and for some tunes and all that fun stuff. Kem's is pretty minimal since he spends more time taking guided tours at the Its It Ice Cream Factory and macking gardenburger riblets than getting web content together. Drock's solo site is coming soon, you can look for it at www.realbadacousticbluesyclassicrock
in the very near future. hehe

We're still giving out free emo diaries cds with every order via our merch section.

New Time Spent Driving Recording on the horizon? Well, sort of. Looks like there will be an semi-acoustic version of an never-before-recorded song "Special Thanks." We played it live a pretty good amount, and it's a good song that I think you'll like, and we're excited to get it out there in some way, shape or form. It'll be on a singer/songwriter comp cd that Minor Miracle Records is putting out. Look for it this summer and check back here for details.

Actual news that you might care about coming soon. Promise - check back.

Hey folks. We're having a Merch special.
If you order any T-Shirt or CD from our online PayPal Store or from Mail order for the next month, we'll send you a free copy of "Me Against the World: Emo Diaries Chap 7" Comp from Deep Elm Records. It features our song "Lowlight" and this is the only place it was released. One of our best songs actually. Plus a bunch of other bands you might like. No extra shipping!


Happy new year.
You can hear Time Spent Driving Songs on the new Amped 2 Snowboarding video game for xbox. Lots of people have been finding out about the band from it, purty cool.

Whoa... Been getting a lot of paypal and mail orders lately. (Is there something going on that I should know about?!) If you ordered a "Just Enough Bright" CD - we were out for a few weeks, but we are all replenished so you should be receiving your orders soon. Thanks for waiting on that.

The way things are going, those may be out of print soon, so if you want to get one, now might be a good time.

Guess what - there's a show. Someone finally bugged me enough to get me to do another solo acoustic show. Don't know how the show will be, and I guess I better start practicing and stuff. So if you go don't expect too much! And you better not drive any crazy long distances or anything cause it might not be the greatest thing. I'm serious. There will be some tsd songs and maybe some new stuff and maybe some other stuff. Here's the 411:

1500 EASTON DR. - 95010



- should be pretty cheap. I play second, I don't remember the name of the place, I'll post that info soon. Email this fine young fellow if you have any questions about the show, etc.

If anyone else wants me to play some shows, I might consider it - just let me know.



If you tune into Sorority Life on MTV you are bound to hear some Time Spent Driving songs in the background. They've already played good chunks of "If the Fault Fits" and "Your Abrasion" and I believe there will be more to come - so, if you have ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO DO - watch Sorority Life! :)

Oh yeah, supposedly you can hear some tsd on Fraternity Life as well.

Thank you to those who write us (even if sometimes we don't get back to you for a while) and especially those who place orders in our merch section. A lot of the shirt designs are getting low so if you've been meaning to pick one up, now wouldn't be a bad time.


Guess what time it is, yes, that is right, new song time....

EUROPA - (unreleased/unmastered) MP3

Thanks for coming by, I'll post a mastered version eventually.


The MILO CONTEST is over! Sorry it took so long to announce the winners but I've been busy.We have three lucky winners:

1st prize: Chris Trovero
2nd prize: Davy Fung
3rd prize: Anthony Giordano
(*Anthony, if you read this, get in touch. Your email was bounced back.)

The answer was, of course, Milo Aukerman from the Descendents... I can't believe that so many people thought I would be so into that movie Milo and Otis, that I would name my puppy after it! haha.

NEW MP3 >>>

Now, I've been waiting to post that new mp3 up until we mixed it correctly and mastered it - but it is taking too long so I might poste it unmasterd soon.

View Lyrics.


The Milo Contest is going well! Tons of entries and people are digging up some crazy answers! We will pick randomly from the correct entries at the end of this month, so get on it if you haven't yet.

Girth and I will be mixing a new/unreleased song called Europa on Monday, so those ever so patient site returnees will get a handsome reward soon. We'll be posting the song exclusively on this website soon. View the lyrics at the bottom of the according page.

Mike Hicks, one of the many, yet one of the most important past tsd bass players has a solo project going. Give him love at

Get a t-shirt while there are still some left.



Okay, want to win some free Time Spent Driving stuff? - You can enter this contest and fulfill your wildest dreams. I got a new puppy, he's a beagle and his name is MILO. Take a guess at who I named him after and send us your answer - you'll instantly be entered into the contest. If you don't really know... just take a wild guess, couldn't hurt!

Grand Prize:
T-Shirt and CD of your choice plus the Emo Diaries Vol. 7 and a whole bunch of stickers.

Two Runners up:
T-shirt or CD of your choice.

Click Here to send us an email with your guess to enter.

Contest ends August 31st - Good Luck!


About updates and stuff: I know it's been a while, so sorry if you come by somewhat often. I'm sure you were tired of looking at the same old stuff as much as I was. So, I updated and switched some stuff around on the site a bit, here are the highlights:

1. You can now order online in our merch section via a paypal shopping cart! I added t-shirts and posters too so for those many that emailed asking about either, they are now finally available directly from us!

2. You can now download some songs from the sounds section that we previously didn't have up, including "Lowlight," "Dear Shannon" and "Plastic Crown." I've got one more on the way but I am waiting for GIRTH to finish recording the song and all that fun stuff.

3. Most other sections have been slightly revamped and the lyrics page has been added to the main menu.

That is about it, but that's better than nothing right? If you come across something that isn't working right for you yell at me.

We haven't sent out any emails to our list in months, but we've been keeping all the new subscribers in a nice little file for future ref, so don't worry bout that. Same goes for the street team.


Updates about more than my garden coming soon. Isn't patience fun?


Summer is upon us. I finished building and planting my new garden - I've got tomatoes, tons of different peppers, tomatillos, corn, squash, watermelons, strawberries, artichokes and every herb you can think of. Try to contain yourselves, I know it's exciting... I put in a pond in the backyard as well. I've been on a mission to get some poly wogs for that thing - I've got at least one swimming around in there. Til next time..........
- Jon


Well, you'll never believe it, but we finally got around to adding pictures back into the photo section. We pretty much just threw everything that we have up there, (old and new), but there are more on the way. I heard that some macs might have a hard time opening the photos, so email me if you are having a problem as well. One word: Explorer! If you've taken any photos of us that you feel are good and would like to see up, just send them to us.

Last but not least I want to thank EVERYONE that has been writing us with encouraging words - it's been overwhelming, so if I haven't gotten back to you yet, just know that it has been really cool and we appreciate it!


Need a good, affordable website or know anyone who does? Jon is now jobless and is focusing on his own web / design business, check out


Hey folks. Sorry about the lack of updates, but there's not really much to report at this time. Thanks to all who came out to the Campbell show recently - it might prove to be our last show for quite sometime. We want to thank Mr. Jon Jamieson who has been filling in on bass guitar for us for the last few months. The Campbell show was his last and we're sad to see him go. He saved us big time! Please check out his full-time band the Lonely Kings.

Please still email us about booking possibilities, and we can see what happens. Acoustic sets might be a possibility.

I think I'm going to set up an online ordering system sometime soon which will include some new shirts and stuff. I've just been lazy lately so i took em down! You won't have to send us orders in the mail anymore, you'll be able to do it all online.


1 > Check out our lyrics, talk about them, etc @
2 > Talk about us at the Sessions Records Message Board. C'mon, you're not THAT lazy - you can do it.
3 > Say nice things on our Guestbook. (we know you do already, but any extra encouragement helps at this point.)
4 > Email us and tell us you don't want us to go away. But you better give us some dang good reasons why not!
5 > Find us a bass player and send em our way!
6 > Buy our CD instead of downloading it so we can pay back our damned record company.
7 > Send us compromising photos of yourself to cheer us up: (We promise we won't share!)
8 > Instant message us and say more than "HI." AIM: timespentdriving
9 > Send us some good recipes. I have some new pots, pans and knives and I'm not messing around!
10 > Last but not least - send KEM a box of Twinkies: PO BOX 8248 Santa Cruz, CA 95061

Thanks to all who check this site out and write us all the time, you guys rock.

3.3.03 is back up - we know it's been keeping you up at night, but now you can go talk about our songs and all of your problems will be solved.


We want to thank everyone who came out to the Catalyst and/or Bottom of the Hill show these last couple weeks, You guys rock.


Inverse Records' "Voice this Sound" Comp CD in back in stock over at Inverse's Store. There are a limited amount on hand, so if you want "Dear Shannon," you best go pick one up!


Some cool shows coming up in the next few weeks, check it.


MP3.COM just ditched half of our songs because we aren't a "gold" member. So I put the songs back up in our SOUNDS section.

Another interview up over at Punk76. Check it out.

We were just added to a show during the NOISE POP festival coming up in S.F. We'll be playing with Hot Rod Circuit, Tsunami Bomb and Eleventeen. Get your tickets HERE now - because the show will sell out for absolute certain, and you don't want to miss out. Some other shows are coming up as well, so check the dates.

D-rock and I went to the Santa Cruz Fungus Fair yesterday. I bought some Chantrelles, Matsutake, Hedgehog and Bear's Head mushrooms, then we came back to my house and made some garlic, mushroom and fresh mozzerella gnocchi - we know you're jealous.

Check out for another recent interview with Jon. Some new dates are up as well. Try to contain your excitement. We've started recording some new demos on Girth's new recording stuff (yes he still owes us money, but he buys new recording stuff anyway). If anything comes out good, maybe we'll hook you guys up with a special treat.

Happy new year! Another interview is up over at Modern Fix.
But take note... we are not from Canada - we're from California! hehe

Hope everyone's having a nice holiday. I've been cooking up a storm with all my new cooking stuff!

Check out a recent interview at Punknation - a cool site in Belgium.

We just want to say thanks to everyone that came out to see us this past weekend, we had a great time. We're scheduling some more shows here and there, and we plan on recording some demos over the Christmas break. We love playing with the Counterfit and Benton Falls guys, make sure you check out both of their new records whenever possible.

Sessions Records has a new message board, since we don't have one, if you want to shoot over there and talk about us, feel free:

Since has been down for way too long, there's now a lyrics page. For all those who want to check them out, click here.

A friend of ours is going to fill in on bass for some upcoming shows. The Santa Cruz, Berkeley and San Francisco shows will all be with the whole band. We're really excited about this. The Palo Alto show is still up in the air, that one might stay acoustic, stay tuned.

So everyone knows, we are still looking for a new bass player. We just started trying some people out, but keep spreading the word. We're really starting to miss playing shows.

A couple of unreleased and hard to find acoustic songs are now up over at MP3.COM. Go take a listen if you feel so inclined.

For one reason or another, we've never had our stuff up on But now we have our own page:
Time Spent Driving MP3.COM page.

Go there and check it out. The good thing about it is that we'll be putting some hard to find and unreleased stuff on there from time to time, including a couple acoustic songs. enjoy.


HEY! It's been a while.... Sorry for the lack of updates, but I finally hooked up my new dsl and got rid of some pests that were invading my computer's fragile little chassis. All of the images from our merch and sounds sections have been missing as well, but they're making a comeback.

On to important stuff you might actually care about:
1. We took a month off. It was good. Kem went to the It's It factory in SF everyday for a free tour, Drock bleached himself daily, and I bought way too much kitchen stuff at IKEA every chance I got.

2 . We are looking for bass player that smells somewhat okay, can figure out where to put his fingers, and acts like a normal human being. If you are one or know one, contact us with a little bit on yo bad self.

3 . I will be playing some solo acoustic shows while we are on the search. If we get in gear before the shows, the whole band might play, but til then, the me by myself thing is the plan. Check out the updated show sector.

4. Our stuff debuted on the CMJ radio charts this week at #123. Not bad... but if you'd like to make it better, check out the station list, and call up and request damn it!

5. Sessions has a new website. Drop by and look around. We have an exlusive unreleased acoustic mp3 up right now so don't slack!

That's it for now. Email us and say hi if you want.


Well, well, WELL. Unfortunately, Mike has decided to leave Time Spent Driving. We're sad to see him go but he has some other priorities that take precedence over the band. So, with that being said, the San Francisco show on wed. OCTOBER 2nd @ Bottom of the Hill will be his last show. We're cancelling all scheduled shows thereafter, including the tour with Rescue and Choke, and we are postponing the recording we were supposed to do this weekend. We're extremely sorry about the cancellations as we hate to cancel shows - hope you can forgive us..

The San Francisco show will be your last chance to see us for an undetermined amount of time, so please come out and share the night with us if you can - and bring your friends! We'll try to bust out a few old tricks if we can.

We plan on taking a month off to rest up after that, we'll keep you posted with any developments..

The site was down yesterday and part of today, sorry about that. We are going into record an older song called "Last November" next Saturday. Gordon Gurley @ J31 studios will be the man behind the board. We worked with him on the first version of "Thin Like Paper" and "Lowlight." We're excited to get to work with him again. The song will be featured as an unreleased track on the upcoming Sessions Records Sampler "Snoisses Vol. 2." The sampler won't be out for a while, but we'll let you know how it sounds :)

Show date added: Sunday Oct. 13th - San Francisco, CA @ The Pound S.F. w/ PLANES MISTAKEN FOR STARS. Should be fun, hope everyone can make it. There have been a few changes to dates here and there as well.

Also, apparently our server was infected with a virus. This means that if you come to the site somewhat regularly, and don't have the right virus protection, your computer had a chance of becoming infected. Beats me how this happened but if this is in fact the case, we greatly apologize for any inconvenience. I re-uploaded the entire site, so this won't be a problem again. Please click here for a free download to remove and/or check for the virus.

New tour dates up! Some of the dates are still being nailed down, but we'll update them with all the details as soon as we get them. The dates include a nice little chunk of shows with Choke (Small Man Records / Canada) and Rescue (Dead Droid Records). Aside from these dates, we won't be out too much until early 2003... so make sure to catch us while you can.

Still working on new stuff, here's the list of potential songs to be considered for the next album, with their tentative titles:

1. Special Thanks
2. Plastic Crown
3. Europa
4. The Jam Song
5. The Last Time
6. Constructive Criticism

That's six songs near completion... hmm, a new record could be upon us sooner that not. We'll keep you posted as it comes together.

Also, we fixed a few prices in the mail order section, we had a few things wrong. The "Walls Between Us" CDEP is $7 including postage / the vinyl version is the same. The Emo Diaries Comp is only $7 including postage as well. Sorry bout the mistakes.

In case you haven't heard... or somehow didn't see the above banner.... Sessions is releasing a limited edition Foo Fighters 7-Inch. If I were you, I'd go keep an eye on their site and get one at all cost.

We finished a new song tonight in practice. It sounds REAL good. Four down... six or seven to go!

We have a ton of Bay Area/Northern CA shows coming up with more in the works. We've been getting a lot of emails from people across the country wanting us to come to their town. We would really like to, but Mike is in school this semester - I guess he wants to try to learn stuff or something... so needless to say, we won't be able to take too long of trips for a few months. We are going to try to do some extended weekend stints althroughout the western U.S. though, so we'll see.

Also, Drock has decided to retire big red. For those of you who don't know, big red is/was our van. In the words of Drock: "that was the last straw..." I guess he's getting tired of fixing the hood half-assed and having it fly up on Kem and break the windshield while he's going over 75mph down the highway. If you want to say a few last words to big red, I'll post a photo for ya soon. Again, this impairs our touring a bit, but we're going to figure something out.

"Just Enough Bright" is being added to college radio in early October. Maybe I'll put a list up or something if you want to request it at the station in your area. We're going to buckle down and start writing some new material in the meantime. We've been playing one of the new ones, "Special Thanks" live lately, and we have another one entitled "Europa" that is nearly finished. On top of that, we have an acoustic song laying around that still hasn't seen the light of day. I'll keep you posted.


NEWS! Finally.... I haven't been able to upload anything to our site. Very frustrating to say the least. Hopfully this won't be a problem anymore, but if there's a lack of updates, you'll know why.

There are definitely a good chunk of new shows. Make sure to check the tour section.

Check out the lower left hand corner at - "Angel and I" is the top visited lyric on the whole site! Not sure how long it'll stay that way, but go check it out. Also, all of our lyrics are posted on the site here. If you don't have much else to do, you might want to go and make comments on what you think the songs are all about, and rate the songs from 1 - 5.

I also want to send out a special thank you to all who came out and supported us at the Bottom of the Hill in SF on Tuesday. It was really great, aside from a few technical difficulties with Jon's footswitch and broken strings. It'll be all fixed up by Friday's show in Aptos.

For those of you that have been looking for the song "Dear Shannon" or the Inverse Records comp "Voice this Sound," - the reason you can't find it is because it is currently out of print, and I don' think it's going to be back in print anytime soon.
The GOOD NEWS is, we are going to be releasing that song on an upcoming comp brought to you by Starecase Records. That's right, the original acoustic version of "Dear Shannon" will again be available. The comp should be amazing - it features unreleased tracks from FIRESIDE, ATTENTION (EX-THE STEREO, THE CASKET LOTTERY, MOCK ORANGE, JACK POTENTIAL (EX - BURNING AIRLINES), CADILLAC BLINDSIDE, CHAMBERLAIN and MORE!!!! Sounds great to me, we'll keep you posted on the release date and all that fun stuff.

Sorry bout the lack of updates... but my DSL has been down and I haven't been able to do much. We added a few photos to the band section (we pick the worst ones we can find for that section, in case you don't get the joke). Kem just happened to have the most embarrassing ones.. go figure.

We had a lot of fun playing acoustic down at the Phillips Fusion surf open in Huntington Beach.. it was really cool to see some familiar faces and people singing along. We also had a good time playing the live acoustic radio show on KMBY.. so we just might have to play acoustic more often. hmmm....7.25.02
Welcome to the Time Spent Driving version 2.0 website, or 25.0,
depending how you look at it! Anyway, bottom line is that this thing is new and we hope you like it. I spent a good chunk of time building this bad mutha, so I hope it works alright for you. Things are getting busier everyday, and we wanted to give your eyes something nice to look at when you stop by. Enjoy!

What's new? Well... everything! You're gonna have to take a look around. If you have any problems - please email us and let us know.


We are playing our first acoustic set EVER! Tomorrow morning (Friday at 8:00), we'll be playing 3 acoustic songs over live radio. You don't want to miss it - Kem (AKA: GIRTH) will be filling in on bass cause Mike has class. No drums on this one (word is the room is waaaaaaayy to smal to fit drums). We'll be debuting an acoustic song we've had laying around called "Plastic Crown." So, tune in and check it out.

Also, please check out our tour dates, as we have some really cool shows coming up.

We've got some GREAT shows this week starting tonight in Chico. We'll be playing 4 dates with the awesome Casket Lottery and Rocky Votolato. Two dates will also include our good friends Benton Falls. These shows ARE NOT TO BE MISSED! Also, make sure to catch us on the ERNIE BALL stage at the SF Warped Tour on SAT. JULY 13th. We are scheduled to play last on that stage. Looks like we are going to give the song "Lowlight" (from the Deep Elm comp) a try at all the upcoming shows. I honestly can't remember playing it live since about December of 2000, so we'll see what happens. We are also playing a new song that we all really love called "Special Thanks." We think you are going to like it. Kem even likes it.

Check out a cool interview on Time Spent Driving over at
If you would like to help put up posters or flyers for any of our upcoming show dates, please let us know.

You will most likely never believe this, but we FINALLY have some photos up that actually work and make sense. Expect some more soon, very soon. (I swear this time). If you have any photos you want to contribute to the section, please send em our way.

Local Santa Cruz show this Friday June 14th at the Catalyst! You won't want to miss it! We've got new shirts, releases and posters on hand. Hope to see you there!

Second half of the West Coast tour starts today in Chico. Aww yeah.
The Salem, Oregon show has been cancelled!! Sorry.
Mike has a bunch of new nicknames...I know everyone is really excited about this, so I will try to get em up soon!

New "Just Enough Bright" t-shirts in! Navy Blue in Sm, M, L, XL. We'll have them on the road.

New tour dates up and all revised with show times and info. Hope to see you at the shows!

Time Spent Driving will be playing a FREE show at the SESSIONS warehouse in Scotts Valley, CA on Sat. May 18th...tomorrow! It is a day show, and it starts around 11:30am. The Lonely Kings (Fearless Records) and Here Kitty Kitty (Lorelei Records) will be sharing the parking lot with us. You'll also have the chance to go shop in the Sessions Warehouse, everything will be SUPER cheap.

We also have a show in Santa Cruz @ the Vet's Hall on Fri. May 24th. I guess it could be considered our CD release show, since we never had one, but it is really a benefit for Easter come out and show your support!

Our new record is out today! It should be in your local store, but if it's not, please request it! Make sure they know that they SHOULD be stocking it. It is also available online.We are going to start trying to play the new songs right now, since everyone is going to know what they sound like, wish us luck! The dates for the upcoming tours are coming together nicely, make sure to check it out. We have stuff coming up with COUNTERFIT, BREAKING PANGAEA, THE CASKET LOTTERY, ROCKY VOTOLATO and more. There are a few holes where we need dates, so if you can help, let us know.

Check out the new babble page. It's basically just a page that the band members just babble on. I'll talk about lame things, Kem will talk about food, Drock will talk about Willie Nelson, and Mike will talk about limp bizkit. Ya know, all that fun stuff.

The Chico and Sacramento shows last week were really great, thanks for coming out. We have the new CDs in, all mail order preorders are going out today! We are working on getting some new merch (stickers, shirts, buttons, etc) So I'll let you know when that becomes a reality. The stores will have the CDs on May 7th (if they know what's good for them)...but you can still order it super easily at the new Sessions Records Store.

For those of you in the Santa Cruz area, we are doing a live radio performance for KZSC 88.1 on May 7th...the day our CD comes out! You can tune in and check it out if you are lazy, or you can come up to the college and see us first hand. This will be the first time we have played in Santa Cruz since October, so be sure to make it up if you can. It is currently scheduled to go on at the Stevenson Rec Room, we'll let you know about any changes. Get up there at 8:30. Audiocrush will also be playing. Rock.

Oh, one more thing. I stumbled across a pretty cool new site. SONGMEANINGS.NET - it lists all of our songs and lets you post what you think the song is about or what in means to you. Also, you can rate the song from 1 - 5. Almost all of our songs ever are up there, so go post your feelings on the song or rate those babies! We could use some more comments up there.

We have two very cool shows coming up this week. Both are with POP UNKNOWN. If you haven't checked out their new record yet, you need to buy it now! The details are in the tour section. We will have our new CDs at these shows...I repeat, we will have our new CDs at these shows!!! Finally, we'll be selling those babies. We'll also have some other new stuff

Our new record is now available for preorder directly from the brand new Sessions Records Online Store. You can now order the new record as well as the EP, stickers, shirts, etc. ...All through a perfectly safe and secure online store. Please go check it out and order up! know you want it before all your friends :)

We are doing some tour dates starting late May going on through June. All the dates will be on the West Coast and most of them will be with COUNTERFIT. They are a great band so make sure to go check out there stuff. We're excited. Whatever we know about the dates will be posted as soon as we know about it.When you have a chance, go check out SPRADIO1. It is an AWESOME online radio show that have been playing and supporting our stuff since the beginning and we are going down this weekend to tape a live show that will be aired on the station in the near future. I will make sure everyone knows when it is up. Stay tuned.

I am going to fix the photo section of this site soon....I just need to find the time! But don't worry, it is going to happen. Also, I'll be putting together a new section of the site where members of the band just kinda babble about what is going on and all that fun stuff. I know you're excited.

"Just Enough Bright" will be here before you know it. May 7th is the official release date, but you can now preorder it direct from us to ensure you receive a copy as soon as we get them in. Check out the mail order page for ordering info. A new interview has just been posted over at, check it out. We are working on a tour schedule for the summer, we'll keep you posted.

Lots of shows are popping up here and there...some before the record comes out, some after. Regardless, they are going to be fun so we better see you all there. Please keep up with it all in the section. If you can set up any west coast shows for us, drop us a line!

The "Voice This Sound" compilation is now at the pressing plant and will be out on Inverse Records - check out their new site. Anyhow, the comp will feature an exclusive unreleased song called "Dear Shannon." The lyrics and all that are up on the site now. It is semi-acoustic and pretty darn nice. I'll have a clip up for you to check out in the near future.

We are also finishing up a song that has yet to be titled for a European label. It's good, you know you'll have to have it.

We have added a show to the tour section. This will mark our first show since Nov.
2nd. Sorry to keep everyone waiting so long, but we didn't want shows to interfere with the making of the record. It is in San Francisco, CA with Champions of Sound (Ex-Helmet/Quicksand), Audiocrush and The Hills Have Eyes.

We also just added another show on April 23rd in Sacramento w/ Pop Unknown. More and more shows will be popping up in the coming months. Make sure to check out a few MP3s from the new record while you are here. They aren't mastered but I'll have the mastered versions up very're going to have to just deal till then!!! :)

Welcome to the brand new Time Spent Driving website. Sorry we made you wait so long but good things take time! I contructed this thing all by myself and it is only going to get better as time goes on. (Thanks to the webslave for doing such a good job with the old site.) This new version has way more features and way more information. We'll also be updating it quite a bit more frequently. So, have a look around and email the Webmaster if you have any problems or suggestions.

Also, we are proud to announce that we have found a man for the bass job. His name is Mike and we are going to start putting together the pieces this week. We expect to be in tip top shape by early April.

Happy New Year! Just want to thank everyone that has supported us and kept in touch for the last year, it is MUCH appreciated. I also want to give you an update on how the new record is coming along. We go in to start laying everything down in about 2 and a half weeks...we're getting excite