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Posted 9.2.16 - 10:05AM

Hi everyone, sometimes bands put out a video when their record comes out. We decided it's way more awesome to do it about one year later. (Getting about 50-60 emails a day asking where it is just happens to put that kind of fire under your ass! ;) It's premiering right now exclusively over at Not only that, but a deluxe digital version of Passed & Presence is now available, featuring two new unreleased songs and two acoustic tracks. Let us know what you think!

This is the link:

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Solo Acoustic Show - Sat. June 18th - San Jose CA

Posted 6.5.16 - 9:04PM

Excited to announce an upcoming show with Culprit and Hidden Hospitals in San Jose @ Back Bar SoFA. Couldn't do the whole band, so Jon's doing a solo acoustic show, which is a super rare occurence. He goes on second with a short set, so come on out early.

Show info here.

More cool news soon so check back.

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SHOW CANCELLED: Dec. 18th @ The Blue Lagoon in Santa Cruz, CA.

Posted 12.4.15 - 1:05PM

Unfortunately, we need to cancel our upcoming show at The Blue Lagoon in Santa Cruz, CA Dec. 18th. We are not sure when a next show will be scheduled but we will keep you posted. Thanks.

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Southern California Shows - Fall 2015

Posted 10.27.15 - 9:27AM

Hi Everyone,

We have a few shows coming up. The food in our home town just isn't so great, so we're going to head down to Southern CA and eat and drink a bunch of stuff, and while we're down there, we were thinking that we should play music for about 45 min. or so per city with our friends in The Night Of The Gun: San Diego on Fri. 11/13 Til-Two Club and Los Angeles Sat.11/14 The Redwood Bar. We haven't been down since 2002 so yeah, come hang out if you can. Thanks!

Join the Facebook events or check out more details here:


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Our New Album is Now Available!

Posted 7.21.15 - 7:14AM

Yes, it's absolutely true. Our new album is out now.

CDs are available for order on the Type-A Redords website here. We have a limited number of signed copies available for those that order early.

You can also pick up a physical copy over at Cardigan Records (where they also have a limited number of signed copies) and CD Baby.

It's available for digital download on iTunes and all of your favorite music services.


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New Album Streaming in Top to Bottom over at

Posted 7.15.15 - 9:56PM

Please take a listen if you feel so inclined: Click Here

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Passed & Presence Release Date and Preorders on Cardigan/Type-A Records.

Posted 6.25.15 - 7:09AM

We’re very excited to announce we’ve signed with North Carolina’s Cardigan Records who will be releasing our brand new album, Passed & Presence! The limited-edition physical CD is a co-release with Type-A Records, and we’ll also be releasing it on good ol' cassette tape via Better Days Will Haunt You. Pre-orders start today for CD/Digital on the Cardigan Website, and CD on the Type-A website. Pre-orders via iTunes are set to launch 6/29, and the official release date is 7/21. We know there have been a few false starts and we by no means intended to keep dangling the carrot in front of you, (sorry!) but we can definitively say the record will be officially out “For Real this Time”. To say we appreciate your patience is an understatement. We’re super excited to get it out there and will be revealing additional details soon.

Here are the links you need:

Type-A Records (CD Pre-orders)
Cardigan Records (Digital & CD Pre-orders)
Better Days Will Haunt You (Cassette Pre-orders/Orders Coming Soon!)

Track Listing:

1. Through the Cage
2. Applelike
3. Weight of the Water
4. Sheep Shaped Words
5. Blame the Valley
6. ‪#‎sixzeros‬
7. Skin and Bones
8. Hey, You Dropped Something
9. I'm Not Done With You



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New Album will be available to order June 23rd 2015.

Posted 6.3.15 - 6:38PM

We'll give you the full skinny on title, format, where to buy, track listing and all that good stuff soon. Check back.

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Upcoming Show Dates

Posted 2.26.15 - 7:14PM

Friday 5/1/15 - w/ Beta State + Plans for Revenge + Love District. We go on second. Santa Cruz, CA @ The Catalyst.

More details on the release of the new album coming soon.

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Update and Shows

Posted 11.22.14 - 7:20PM

I know I know, we haven't put the record out yet, but we are indeed still working on that. Why? Well, lots of reasons but the main ones involve having more babies and having demanding jobs. In the meantime, we're playing a free show - first one in a few years, for fun. We'll be even fatter than usual due to Thanksgiving, and we're going to drink some beverages, eat some more food, hang out and then test drive a bunch of new songs. Sounds fun right?

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The New Record's DONE.

Posted 7.17.14 - 4:38PM

Yep, you heard that right - we completed our brand new record. We'll keep you posted on release details but we're hoping for a fall 2014 release. In the meantime keep your eyes out for show dates.

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Mixing the New Record.

Posted 5.21.14 - 4:34PM

Yep, we're finally mixing our brand new record. Before you know it we'll have it mixed and mastered. Soon you'll get to feast your ears. That's it for now.

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Update on new material and the line-up.

Posted 12.27.13 - 4:14PM

Hi Everyone,

Sorry for the delay and lack of updates. We had to put practicing, shows and finishing writing for the new record on hold for longer than we would have liked. But now we're back on it full-force. It didn't happen in 2012 or 2013 - but I'm telling you, 2014 is going to be the year for the new record.

Not only will it be a new record, but we also have Derek our original Guitarist and Kem our original drummer drummer back into the fold. Yep, you heard that right. It's going to take some extra time to flesh everything out and get everyone up to speed, but it feels good and we are trying to get together as much as we can. Hang in there and it'll be worth it.

Still no shows scheduled, but if something comes up we might take a stab at it.

Thanks and we'll keep you updated.

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Download Gentlemen of Japan's "Versus Utah" for free at

Posted 7.11.13 - 12:08PM

Did you ever check out Gentlemen of Japan featuring several members of Time Spent Driving? If not, we're now giving it away Free (aka Name your price) over at Bandcamp. Go grab a copy, you'll like it. (Digital Only of course...). Let us know what you think.

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New Record in the Works for 2013.

Posted 2.18.13 - 5:34PM

We're still in the process of writing a new record which we hope to have released sometime in 2013. We've got about 8 songs roughed out and will start working on plans to go into the studio once we have about 10 or so.

In the meantime, we don't plan on playing many shows, but keep an eye out in case something comes up at all.

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Last Show of 2012 - Sat. Dec. 29th at the Crepe Place in Santa Cruz.

Posted 12.6.12 - 12:06PM

We're playing our last show of the year with Happy Body Slow Brain and Taxes (ex-Crumb from San Francisco). All ages, $10, 8pm, full bar. Bring some friends and bundle up a bit. See you then!

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Writing New Material.

Posted 10.8.12 - 8:28PM

We've been playing some shows and now we're going to take a few months off to write some new material and will hopefully be going into the studio in early 2013. Thanks for looking out, and we'll let you know the word.

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Show this Friday Oct. 5th at The Crepe Place in Santa Cruz!

Posted 10.1.12 - 6:46PM

Friday, October 5, 2012 at 9:00pm. All ages. Full Bar. $10
If all goes as planned, this will be our last show for a while why we attempt to finish writing new material for a new release. See you there.

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New Shows & New Shirts.

Posted 8.22.12 - 6:56PM

We've got two shows coming up this week: Thursday 8/23 at The Catalyst in Santa Cruz, CA w/ Three Mile Pilot and this Saturday 8/25 at Jose's Underground Lounge in Monterey, CA w/ Concave. Come on out.

We've also got some new t-shirts available in our merch store.

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Show this Saturday in San Francisco at Bottom of the Hill.

Posted 7.18.12 - 5:23PM

7/21/12 - San Francisco, CA @ The Bottom of the Hill w/ Happy Body Slow Brain and The Dig. 8:30PM - We Open. All Ages. $10


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Enter to Win some Free TSD stuff over at our Facebook page!

Posted 5.29.12 - 7:54PM

Hey folks, we're doing a little contest, I mean, why not, right? You can win a t-shirt and a signed CD, 10" and Poster. Also you can share it with friends to increase your chance of winning. Click here to check out the details and enter to win.

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New Shows posted.

Posted 5.25.12 - 3:36PM

And more to come. Check them out.

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Interview with Jon of Time Spent Driving over at Vinyl Magazine.

Posted 5.1.12 - 8:18PM

Check out Jon's recent interview with Emily from Vinyl Magazine.

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Thank you for coming out to the show last Saturday, time to finish writing some stuff.

Posted 3.13.12 - 10:52AM

Thanks everyone for coming out to our show this past Saturday, it was over capacity and we had a blast! Special thanks to the other bands Happy Body Slow Brain and Moon Eater - please check them out if you haven't already.

We're going to start hunkering down and see if we can finish writing a record, so we'll probably leave you alone for a bit while we internally combust in the process.

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New song "Through the Cage" from our recent set in SF on 1/23/11

Posted 2.10.12 - 12:32PM

Check out a video of us playing a new song we're calling Through the Cage - yeah the audio is all blown out but you'll get the idea. Thanks again Dan for filming.

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March 10th 2012 At the Crepe Place in Santa Cruz.

Posted 1.25.12 - 8:51PM

Will be our next show. More details and opening bands tba...

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Well, it's 2012.
That sounds like a good time to start playing again.

Posted 1.2.12 - 5:16PM

According to the Mayan Calendar Theory, we've got roughly 358 days, 9 hours, 42 minutes and 12 seconds to do something. So we figure if we're going to go down, we might as well go down rocking!

And what better way to do that, than to play a show with one of our favorite bands THE LIFE AND TIMES (ex-Shiner, from Kansas City, MO) at CAFE DU NORD in San Francisco, CA on Monday Jan. 23rd 2012?

And after that we're going to play some more shows when we can, I mean, why wouldn't you really? Plus, we've been writing some songs for a new record. Not sure how or when or where that is going to happen, but it's going to be sometime later this year if we can get our ducks in a row.

Also, WE COULD USE YOUR HELP! We know there's a lot more going on out on the internet than there was in our heyday - so like us, share us, tweet us, friend us, review us, listen to us - or whatever else floats your boat. Here are the correct links to faciliate such activites:

Time Spent Driving Facebook Time Spent Driving Twitter Time Spent Driving Myspace Time Spent Driving ITunes Time Spent Driving Google Plus Time Spent Driving Bandcamp Time Spent Driving YouTube Time Spent Driving Last FM Time Spent Driving ReverbNation Time Spent Driving CD Baby

Other than that, thanks and see you soon.

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Good Morning

Posted 12.12.11 - 10:25AM

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Thank you for your recent orders

Posted 1.29.10 - 1:29AM

Hi all, we just wanted to drop a quick line to say thank you for all the orders of the latest Time Spent Driving release "I'm Your Stab in the Back."

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Time Spent Driving now on Pandora Radio

Posted 12.1.09 - 5:30PM

Our music is now on Pandora Radio - In case you aren't aware of what that is, it's an online radio station that allows you to pick a band/artist you like, and it automatically plays bands that are similar that you'd probably like. Very cool - go try it out.

And in other, almost as important news.... er... GO VOTE TODAY.

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I'm Your Stab in the Back is officially out

Posted 8.23.09 - 6:21PM

I'M YOUR STAB IN THE BACK is now officially out! It will be trickling into stores, but it is available in our MERCH SECTION (The best way to get it), INTERPUNK and soon it will be on iTunes.

NEW! >> You can now also purchase a DIGITAL DOWNLOAD of any of our music straight from our site. CLICK HERE

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Posted 1.2.09 - 4:50PM

If you want the old stuff. If you are into antiques and vintage and things with wrinkles, you can view our old news archive here. There might be a few broken links and missing images, but maybe if we have a chance, we'll clean those up for you a bit. After all, we do like you, but you know that.

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